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UAE on a Budget

If you haven’t already visited the United Arab Emirates, then you definitely need to plan your trip, or at least consider visiting.

After years of dreaming about visiting the country,

Paying the Price of a Broken System

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Ms Teresa Wanjiku Njoroge for a news article (which failed to make it to publication). I thought I’d share her story here instead.

A Kenyan Soldier and a Sudanese Refugee Boy with a Dream

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Had he stayed in South Sudan, Dani Abud would have remained just another one of the hundreds of thousands of faceless children whose futures remain dimmed by almost five years of a raging and devastating on-and-off civil war.

A True Celebration of Life

I. The Temple

I arrived at Ramgarhia Sikh Temple in Pangani at 10 a.m., half an hour late for the temple ceremony, but early enough for the cremation just a few minutes’ drive away,

I Got a Vasectomy For My Children

“I am turning 40 in two months. I am a single father of two children, both boys. I want a good life for them. I work hard so they can live an easier life than the one my parents gave me.

The Children That Weren’t Supposed to Live

“I used to be married. My husband and I got a son but his family made him divorce me when they found out I was an abandoned child.

The Unquiet Mind

“I used to have positive opinions about the world, you know, about people. I used to think the best, now I’m looking over my shoulder…an unquiet mind, that’s what the wife calls it. The job has got me staring into the fireplace, drinking. I never wanted to be the type to think big thoughts about the nature of things. All I ever wanted was a stack of pancakes and a V8.

Bill Oswalt (Bob Odenkirk), Fargo Season 1

Coming Undone, Then Finding Myself

In many ways, I’m a child again, learning everything anew, only this time, without fear nor need for approval. I am reborn.